How dare ICE enforce the law!

Such meanies making sure America’s borders are respected and our sovereignty sound.

Of course, this employment ad stands for everything the Left hates: work, America, legal immigration … no wonder these people lost their minds over it.


Here’ an idea, enter our country legally and there’s no need to worry about ICE. Interesting how the Left makes ICE the enemy instead of the people sneaking into this country illegally.

They really think the only illegal immigrants in this country come from Mexico.

Aren’t they adorable?

These are the same people who believe ‘illegal’ is a race, though.

Because only white men work for ICE.



Dude, get a grip.

People coming here illegally are the ones destroying their families, not ICE.

Build the wall and enforce the laws on the books. *shrug*

We’re amazed some of these people can actually tie their own shows.

Granted, we’re assuming they can tie their shoes so …

They really think illegal immigrants are only innocent people looking for a better life … Kate Steinle’s family probably has a different take, just guessing.


HELL YEAH! Tucker Carlson just destroyed DACA with POWERFUL truth-bombs and it was AWESOME