Seems like SOMEONE got the diversity memo:

Admit it, the song is super catchy. ‘At the Red House, where black people and white people buy furniture. (and Hispanic people!).’

This. Commercial. Is. So. Awesome.

And we love Big Head, who likes pumping iron and pumping furniture into people’s homes.

Certainly got our attention AND we watched the whole thing.

Clever marketing.

And boomage. Exactly.

Capitalism doesn’t care what color you are, or what sex, or who you love or if you use a wheelchair.

It appears to be serious.


Red House Furniture appears to be in High Point, NC; on their site, you can read all about their history:

Red House Furniture Store is a family owned and operated business. We first opened in 1962 and for over 50 years we have been High Points total home furnishings store. We’ve helped thousands of people throughout the area furnish their homes with beautiful affordable furniture and appliances. We are the only store in the area that offers in-store financing.

It really is.


The geniuses behind the commercial:

YAAAAAS. We love them.


Dude, DAFUQ!? What was former CFPB director Rich Cordray ON when he tweeted THIS about Ohio?

Best tweet of 2018 ALREADY? Charlie Daniels tweeting Taco Bell about the Illuminati is LIT AF