Another day, another bunch of overly-emotional, looking-to-be-offended SJWs overreacting to an innocent product placement and losing their shiznit all over Twitter. And honestly, who is the sick racist here?

This ‘blogger’ saw what he wanted to see and took issue with a black child wearing a sweatshirt with the word ‘monkey’ on it. So pretty sure that makes him the racist, just sayin’.

2017 called, it would like its outrage back, thanks.

Pretty bad.

Everybody boycott BASH! Of course, people would have to know who he actually is first but you catch our drift.

Yup, we’re eight days into the new year, it’s time for a reminder that everything is racist and everyone should be offended.

Oh and don’t worry, H&M already apologized.

From AfricanNews:

CNN quotes a company spokesperson as saying H&M was sorry if the ad offended people: “This image has now been removed from all H&M channels and we apologize to anyone this may have offended.” That has done little to appease persons angered at the photos.

There are those that are calling for persons associated with the photos to be fired, others are calling for a boycott of the brand. A number of people literally announced their boycott of H&M via Twitter.

Of course, it’s done little to appease the SJWs losing their minds over this, they don’t want to be appeased. They want to destroy peoples’ lives over a photo because that’s what they do.

But shew! Everything is still racist in 2018, we were getting worried.


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