Sarah Sanders can see right through the Democrats.

Which is probably why they hate her so much.

Take for example her tweet on their worst fears:

If Trump is successful it proves them wrong on SO many levels. They so desperately need him to fail, otherwise, they’re going to have to start answering for their own garbage policies that make taxes go up and the economy go down. Accepting that Republican policies work would be the single biggest defeat for the Democrats since Hillary Clinton.


And seriously, check out the replies to Sanders’ tweet. They just proved her right:

Perhaps Katrina doesn’t understand how Twitter works in that she doesn’t have to view the press secretary’s tweets.


Considering how wussified the country was under Obama, while we understand Trump’s tweets are disconcerting, we were far more likely to have been attacked before Trump because the world lost a good deal of respect for America after 2008. Bowing to bad guys only makes you look weak.

But we digress.

Right? Americans keeping more of their own money and having more choice in their health care decisions are such horrible things.

Excuse us while we roll our eyes, twice.

Could be SOME truth to this.

Gonna go ahead and call BS on this one, Steven.

But thanks for stopping by.

You know this one’s a blast at birthday parties.

Says the same people who spent the last eight years telling Republicans that elections have consequences and if they wanted their policies to pass they should win an election. Oh, and who also threatened to bring a gun to a knife fight.

How quickly and conveniently they forget reality.


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