You know 2018 is bound for serious dumbness when it starts out with tweets from the Father of Fake News himself, Dan Rather, lecturing the president about behavior.

Can’t make this crap up.

Dear Mr. Rather,

C’mon man, he had to know this wouldn’t go well.

Then again, with an ego that big, maybe he didn’t.

Dear Helen,
We agree.

Seriously, he left himself wide open for this one.

Right? A serif font would have TOTALLY made his tweet pop.

Welcome to modern-day journalism, 101. Anything to push their agenda and their narrative, facts be damned.

It is rather hilarious.

But not surprising in the least.

The media seems to miss that they in a way have created not only the Trump presidency but the constant drama around it as well.


Perhaps it a better rule of thumb if you’re a disgraced journalist keep your opinions to yourself.

Just a thought.


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