The Left is working overtime to spin the record-breaking stock market as a bad thing, which has to be seriously difficult so even though it’s annoying we have to give them some props for trying.

Then again, maybe not.

And seriously, if you want to see some serious derp on Twitter, look no further than this thread started by the head of the Resistance himself, Scott Dworkin:


A simple Google tells you that roughly four in 10 Americans own stock, with higher and lower percentages owned depending on age.

A healthy stock market means a healthy America. It’s pretty simple.

So Scott’s math was REALLY off, but guess what, that didn’t stop other members of the Resistance from jumping on board and complaining about a successful stock market:

You gotta wonder if these people know the majority of Trump voters weren’t wealthy. And it’s hilarious watching progressives talk about the financial well-being of anyone.

Yes, it’s the Republicans’ fault that this person’s life was harder under the Obama administration.


These people really can’t stand the fact that the American economy is thriving for a change. Imagine being so enamored of your own political ideals that you can’t support your own country doing better because your guy isn’t in office.

The stock market broke 25,000 under Obama? Huh, we don’t remember that.

Yeah! Take that, Trump.

These people.

Where was it announced that thousands were losing their jobs?

Huh? No, they actually gave that money to their employees via raises and bonuses.

Ok, you know what, we can’t even.

Hey, we told you it was the dumbest thread on Twitter.


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