When Chelsea Handler supposedly quit her comedy show to pursue life as a political activist she made a YUGE mistake. Not that her show was all that funny, but at least to do it she didn’t really need any specific gifts or knowledge about … well, anything.

She’s just not good at being a political activist.

Sorry, not sorry.

Not our fault Democrats chose the worst possible woman they could have to run in 2016. Seriously, we wanted someone like Carly Fiorina who was a political badass and didn’t come with nearly the baggage Grammy Clinton did.

But see, that’s the real point, they want women to run BUT ONLY certain types of women.

They have been throwing a temper tantrum for nearly 14 months now because they didn’t get their way.

It’s pathetic.

Oh, and she tagged the wrong beta male in her tweet:

So some poor guy in South America is getting inundated with her political nonsense.

See, we told you she’s not good at this stuff.


Nah, she’s too busy making fun of the way Sarah Sanders looks.

Don’t quit your day job, Chelsea. Oh, wait. Too late.


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