Awww look at that, Bill de Blasio is tweeting in Spanish … we think? Honestly, when we tried to use the ‘translate’ feature on Twitter, it barfed all over the tweet and said it couldn’t be translated.

Hey man, if you’re going to pander in a foreign language make sure you’re doing it correctly, otherwise you just look dumb.

Wait, dumber than usual in de Blasio’s case.

We all have a responsibility to make sure we don’t butcher a foreign language on Twitter.

Wow, dude.

There is so much wrong with this tweet grammatically that it’s hard to mock the message he was trying to get out there; of course, somehow we’ll still manage.

Serious fail, right?


No, it’s really not ok.

It’s honestly just stupid.



And let’s talk about that ‘thought,’ shall we? New York is supposed to be a beacon of what exactly? Poverty? Homelessness?

*shakes head*

Oops. Remember when he wanted all of the homeless people off the subway before he road it?


But high taxes are fun and stuff.

Hey New York, you keep electing these people.

Don’t look at us.


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