That moment when a guy who isn’t really a scientist challenges people to take on science-focused resolutions …

Bill Nye proves to everyone once again that he’s not really a science guy NOR will he save the world.

Give up coffee?


And he also resolves to get enough sleep and to recycle.

That’s how he plans to save the world?

Pretty sure if recycling, sleep, and giving up coffee was all it took to ‘save the world,’ we’d have saved it years ago. But eh, it’s his show and his audience will buy anything; clearly, they still think he’s a scientist.




Because you know, it’s science.

Not to mention it’s really just a dumb commercial for his dumb show.

And their news from Comedy Central.

Isn’t that what CNN is calling itself these days?


We’re going to guess it will be more garbage than science.

How could we forget?

We are forever scarred.


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