Hey, talking head types, just because it’s Christmas that doesn’t mean you have to get all edgy and post stupid crap about it on Twitter. Seriously, you’re only going to make yourself look like a grinch.

The more you know.

Or don’t know, in David Frum’s case:

‘No disrespect to Christmas BUT,’ tweets never work out well.

Amazingly bad, indeed.

Just let him go, he’s rolling.

Anything is possible.

But tell us how you REALLY feel.



We’re starting to think David doesn’t get out much.



‘Our Lips Are Sealed.’

Editor’s note: Folks, writing this note in first person just so I can say THANK YOU for your continued support of what I do here at Twitchy, you truly make this job such a BLAST (well, most of you). Seriously so grateful for you all, every day – I am one blessed lady. You make me laugh, you make me think and you make me want to be a better editor.

Wishing you each and every one a most merry and BLESSED Christmas. – Sam Janney


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