True story, Guy Benson has been the most factual, consistent resource on the GOP tax bill. When Democrats were screeching that this bill only benefitted the rich, Benson was front and center quoting info and stats from various objective resources; he even used the Tax Policy Center which is traditionally a tad left-leaning.

Huge win for the American people.


And you know what that means, progressives and the Left hate it.

Like this guy:

Debt? NOW he wants to talk about debt?! WTF has he been over the last near-decade of Obama amassing more debt than any other president before him?

It’s like they don’t understand basic economics or even math for that reason.

And let’s not pretend that a Republican-led Congress won’t work to cut spending as well.

The deficit is different from debt, punkin.

You know LeGate really thought this was a serious GOTCHA.

He was wrong.

When you see, ‘Oh, honey,’ at the beginning of a Guy Benson tweet you KNOW it’s not going to be good for the guy (or gal) on the end.

Shallow understanding.



Doesn’t that ever get old for them?

He might as well have said, ‘Good talk.’


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OMG! Trump signed the GOP Tax Bill and PEOPLE ARE DYING; not really, but the Left’s reaction is PRICELESS