That feeling when Adam Baldwin, the guy who played one of the badassest BADASSES in any film ever (Mother), wrecks the UN, their preamble and every dictator in the group.

Makes you wanna stand up and cheer a little, right? Unless of course, you’re at work reading this or on some sort of public transportation and don’t want to get dragged off to the looney bin.


Sounds like a decent plan.




Heads would explode.

She kicks ASS, right?

Careful, tweets like this one will trigger a wall of stupid.

That’s gonna leave a mark.

Or at least let’s hope it does.

It’s been a long time since America has dared to stand up for itself; Obama made a habit of letting the world push us around and treat us like we’re not a superpower. Time to remind them who we are.


IT’S ON! Nikki Haley drops the HAMMER on UN for vote against Trump’s Jerusalem announcement (video)

‘KICK ‘EM OUT’! If the U.N. votes to condemn the United States, does it make a sound?

‘This is RICH’! Just LOOK who’s denouncing the United States’ ‘thuggish intimidation’ at the U.N.