On Monday, December 18th, Conservatives all across Twitter waited with bated breath to see if they would be included in the so-called, ‘Twitter Purge of 2017.’ Rumors were floating all over that Jack would be targeting evil Conservatives with Twitter’s new TOS (terms of service), and even prominent voices with blue checks were concerned they might be suspended.

So far this has not occurred, there has not been some mass suspension of Conservative accounts, HOWEVER, people have noted that the enforcement of these new TOS seems once again to be one-sided.

Let’s not pretend Twitter hasn’t always had a progressive bias.

Comedian Owen Benjamin summed it up:

And check out the tweet Owen shared, a tweet by the way that has gone undetected or is being outright ignored by Twitter.

Elle has not been suspended under the new TOS. And guess what …

It’s even her pinned tweet.

Meanwhile, certain voices have been silenced for tweeting less horrible tweets than this. Granted, Twitter is a private entity and has every right to determine who does and does not have access to their site. This is not a free speech issue, the government shouldn’t get involved and force Twitter’s hand, it’s just an interesting (annoying) observation that people have been making for years.

And it turns out that most of us with concerns weren’t wearing tinfoil hats after all.

Good times.


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