The only person related in any way to the Trump administration who seems to make the Left nuttier than Sarah Sanders is Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. If they would just take a chill pill and look at him for who he is versus his connection to Donald Trump, we’re pretty sure they’d see him for the political HAWTNESS that we do.


But until then, people like Chris Hayes will continue to talk smack because it’s just what they do.


Gorsuch could suddenly turn completely pro-abortion and Chris Hayes and the rest of the Left would find a way to hate him for it. This is not about Gorsuch, or the law, or even reality … this is about hating Trump so much they can’t see anything but their hate for him.

Hayes is trying to frame Trump as the Godfather.


Right? Silly people.


They’re still loyal to their queen, even if she didn’t get elected.

We’re old enough to remember when the media reported facts.

Yeah, we’re freakin’ old.

And an integral part of Twitter.

Hey man, don’t look at us, we just work here.


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