You know it’s going to be an interesting day on Twitter when you see someone like Brit Hume take a low-level troll to the shed. And while there seems to be more and more popcorn-worthy moments on Twitter these days, this back-and-forth between Hume and a nobody troll is right up there.

It all started with this article:

HEY NOW. We’re not supposed to talk about the things Trump has accomplished, especially in the media.

Byron will be lucky he’s not hunted with torches and pitchforks for not only admitting such things but writing them down!

And as usual, there’s always some bite-in-the-ass who has to pick a fight because he or she has nothing else better to do.

We’re not entirely sure we’d pick a fight with Brit Hume but hey, what do we know?

Break out the puppets and crayons, Brit.

If by ‘sabotage healthcare’ this person means that Americans will no longer be forced to pay for health insurance they don’t need or want (like men paying for pap smears) then they’re spot on.

But we’re pretty sure the troll is insinuating that Trump wants to kill all the poors by taking away their healthcare.


What he said.

And force Americans into government dependence.


When any provider of a service knows you have no choice but to use them, they will do as little as possible to keep your business. Which is why the free market will always be better than government-owned or sponsored health care.



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