Sorta gives his show’s name, ‘Hardball’ a whole new meaning, eh?

From The Daily Caller:

An MSNBC spokesman confirmed Saturday the company made a separation-related payment to one of Chris Matthews employees after the woman complained about sexual harassment.

Two sources familiar with the situation told The Daily Caller that Matthews paid $40,000 to settle with an assistant producer on his show, “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” in 1999 after she accused him of harassment. An MSNBC spokesperson contested that claim to the Caller, saying the company instead paid significantly less as part of a severance package.

Wow. Interesting they’re debating the amount MSNBC paid the woman to go away yet neither claim this incident didn’t happen.


Ha! Right.



We always thought he was brushing his hair with a toilet brush; learn something new every day.



He said it!

Ok, so we laughed at it but still, he said it.

And instead, she was.

Stay classy, MSNBC.


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