William Shatner dared to share his fan club information on Twitter.

Now, if you’re at all familiar with Shatner’s timeline you know Social Justice Warriors flock to him like some sort of angry, self-destructive, hive of crazy wasps on acid. Don’t get us wrong, SJWs get mad at most everyone, but there is something about Captain Kirk that really freaks them out.

Add to the SJW demographic a little bit of Star Trek fanaticism and you end up with some fairly entertaining trolls.

Like a normal person.


This editor has been in plenty of fan clubs over the years and not ONE of them guaranteed selfies and autographs; although George Michael’s fan club sent out letters supposedly written by him.


If it’s not her business she’ll MAKE IT HER BUSINESS.

That might actually be the true definition of SJWs at this point.




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