Brian Stelter seriously needs to put the shovel away, he’s not doing himself or his ‘news network’ any favors with this nonsense:

Relatively minor mistakes? A fake news story almost crashed the stock market, genius. And HOLY COW, are we seeing a bunch of egomaniacal hosebags or WHAT with Trump in office. Say what you will about the president, but if nothing else he has truly exposed the media for what and who they are.

Oh, and honestly Brian Stelter can keep his two cents, thanks.

They don’t think it was menacing so they don’t want to tell us.

Because of facts and stuff.


Psh. Practicing what they preach will only confuse them, they are far more comfortable being giant hypocrites.

Not even close, man.

It’s like John Harwood said, they have to help us little people understand the news.

And they wonder why we despise them.


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