Only a bunch of heartless a-holes who don’t understand that animals are often considered members of a family would write something this nasty about a man because of his political affiliation.

The Pence’s lost their cat, Pickles:

So Newsweek decided to write a hit piece on Mike Pence and his family about it.

Because they’re so classy and stuff.


From Newsweek:

Vice President Mike Pence’s family has lost yet another pet––a cat named Pickle––just six months after its cat Oreo died.

In a tweet announcing Pickle’s death, Karen Pence described the late feline as a “very chatty” and “sweet kitty.” The Pences had Pickle for 16 years.

In this article they go through all of the animals the Pence’s have lost like that’s real journalism.

We get it, they don’t like Trump or Pence or Republicans, but this is just the sort of nasty gossip you hear a bunch of mean girls yammering on about behind your back. Then again, that does describe most of the media these days so what do we know.

With fava beans and a nice chianti.



Cheap shot.

We might actually write that in our Christmas card for them this year.

Pretty ugly, even for Newsweek.

Didn’t you know, Republicans are so evil for passing tax cuts that people are just dropping dead everywhere; guess that includes elderly cats as well.


The GOP is out to kill all the things!

Even poor Pickles.

*the stupid, it burns*


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