It became abundantly clear on Wednesday when several Democratic senators were calling for Al Franken to step down after WEEKS of dodging the question about whether or not he should resign that some new political game was afoot.

You mean they only came down on Franken because it served a political purpose.

Gosh, we’re super shocked. Democrats are usually so sincere.

Oh, Sally. C’mon.

Even she has to admit the timing of all of this with Moore’s election coming up is just a teensy bit convenient. If (and sadly when) Moore wins in Alabama, Democrats will screech about how the GOP elects predators and then thump their chests for serving Franken up on a platter.

A week ago they were still trying to figure out if they could make these stories go away. Hell, Rosie was slut-shaming Leeann Tweeden just this morning and begging Franken NOT to resign.

Not everything is about you, Sally.

Oops. Settle down, Sally.

Was Franken resigning the right thing to do? Yes.

Was the timing politically convenient? Double yes.


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