After the debacle with ABC News, you’d think people in traditional media MIGHT be a tad bit more cognizant of the things they’re writing about Donald Trump. That they’re true, that they’re factual, that they’re actual news.

C’mon, The Hill. Seriously with this?

From The Hill (we’ll save you the click):

President Trump once left campaign aide Sam Nunberg at a McDonald’s because his order took too long, according to a new book about the Trump campaign obtained by The Washington Post.

The book, “Let Trump Be Trump,” is co-authored by former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and deputy campaign manager David Bossie. In it, the two detail a time Trump ordered Nunberg to be left behind at the fast food restaurant because Nunberg’s custom burger was taking too long.

“Leave him,” Trump reportedly said. “Let’s go.”

What a monster. *eye roll*

Literally. Hitler.

When you’re starting to annoy people who don’t like Trump with your anti-Trump reporting it MIGHT be time to evaluate what you’re doing.

Sorta reminds us of the time Trump dared to have TWO SCOOPS of ice cream.

Who are these people?

This editor so wants to make a, ‘Your mom’ joke here but CLEARLY, that would be unprofessional and stuff.

Yeah, unprofessional.


Shhh, they’re rolling.


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