Brit Hume noticed a teensy, weensy, tiny but important detail being left out in the Washington Post’s coverage of the GOP Tax Bill …

From the Washington Post:

Overall, the majority of Americans — 62 percent — would get a tax cut of at least $100 in 2019, according to JCT. The remaining 38 percent would either pay about the same in taxes as they do now or get a tax hike.

But by 2027, just 16 percent of Americans would get a tax cut of at least $100. The “winners” fall dramatically because the tax cuts for individuals go away in 2026 in the Senate GOP plan. Republicans argue that those tax cuts are likely to be extended by a future Congress.

How can you give people who pay nothing in taxes a tax cut?

Only an idiot would think someone who pays NOTHING should get something back.

Oh, wait.

Totally f’d up, right?

The media doesn’t seem to be huge fans of facts or reality these days.

All about the narrative.

Because math is racist and stuff.

Democrats could, especially if that meant people would keep voting for them.

At this point, it’s obvious the Left wants to continue to take from Americans so they can bribe their base with entitlements so they can stay in power. It’s not about helping Americans, if it was, they’d want more of us to have more of the money WE make.


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