Jenna Jameson didn’t hold back with her comments on the news coming out about Matt Lauer. Especially reacting to the news that Lauer had some button under his desk that would allow him the ability to lock his victims in his office.

Ugh, even just writing that out is awful.

Tell us how you really feel, Jenna.

Sadly, it’s all too believable.

He was telling us all who he really was even before the news came out.

That’s SO infuriating – these same progressives and liberals being sexual predators spent months (years?) lecturing the Right about how sexist and mean they are to women, and the whole time they’re sexually assaulting and harassing women all over the place.

Not untrue.

Ugh, thanks for the visual, man.

That picture is still floating around social media … bleh.

Join the club.


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