Once again YouTube in its infinite wisdom has seen fit to censor Michael Loftus and The Loftus Party, this time over a video where Loftus told perverts to KNOCK IT OFF.

How dare a Conservative blast a bunch of Liberals for being disgusting pervs and predators, right?

Take a look:

This is so spot on! It does seem like every day there is a new celebrity, politician or media talking head that is being accused of sexual misconduct. Even now, more victims of Al Franken are coming forward, not to mention Lauer, and Conyers who is now in the hospital because of stress.

Guess we should just be glad Conyers didn’t come out as a gay man.

Sadly it’s all too real.

And you thought 2016 was dumb.

When is farting gonna end? Well, ya’ know, if you could find a way to end farting without people exploding all over the place that would be sorta cool … but that wasn’t exactly what Loftus was tweeting about.

Because Michael supports the wrong politics.

That’s it.

There is social media for progressives and a more limited, censored social media for Conservatives and Libertarians.

YouTube. *eye roll*


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