Judge Jeanine got caught speeding … is it wrong that we think it’s sorta cool how fast she was going? We know, it wasn’t safe but damn, what is she driving? Ha!

From the Daily News:

Fox News host and TV judge Jeanine Pirro is heading to court herself after being ticketed for excessive speeding Sunday in upstate New York.

State Police say Pirro was clocked driving 119 mph in a 65 mph zone when she was stopped by a trooper at about 1:15 p.m. Sunday afternoon in the Town of Nichols in Tioga County.

A police source said she was driving a Cadillac.

In a statement released by Fox News, Pirro said she was racing to see her sick mother in Elmira.

Awww it was a Cadillac.

Wonder if Chris Hayes bothered to read the story about her racing to see her sick mother before he tweeted this BS?

Ummm what?


If only he were joking.


Such BAD timing, Chris. Wow.

Bad bad bad.

All to slam Judge Jeanine.


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