When asked if she thought Al Franken should resign, Chief Dances Around Questions herself Elizabeth Warren totally danced around the question.

Guess it’s safe to say she persisted in not answering him?

Her statement:

“I knew Sen. Franken long before he was Sen. Franken and his wife Franni. These allegations are serious, and women have a right to be heard and listened to on this. Al is going to be subjected to a hearing in the United States Senate and an investigation. We have had, for a long time now in the Senate, long before I got there, a bipartisan ethics committee that meets on a regular basis, and he’s going to go in and answer.”

So brave.

We wouldn’t put it past the Left to somehow claim this makes Warren a stronger woman’s advocate because she wouldn’t play politics or some other nonsense.

Keep in mind they pretended her acting like a child on the Senate Floor was some great political statement.


Oh, also keep in mind Liz still pays her female staffers less than her male ones.

Then ask her about Bill, Edward, Ted, Anthony … we’ll be here all day.

She has a habit of doing just that.


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