Every once in awhile we come across a tweet that is so good that even if the person writing it isn’t verified (which means less and less these days since Twitter starting messing with their verification process) we have to cover it.

It is our moral imperative.

And this tweet about Charles Manson from Townhall columnist, Mike S. Adams, is such a tweet:

With Manson ‘takes’ all over Twitter, this one just freakin’ NAILED IT.

All of these years, taxpayers have been keeping a monster alive because the Supreme Court spared his life. Meanwhile, the same Supreme Court did nothing to stop the 59 million innocent babies killed in abortion in nearly the same amount of time.

Dude, we don’t wanna know.


That’s NOT FUNNY! Kumail Nanjiani’s Manson joke TANKS because Liberals have ruined everything

In other news, Charles Manson croaked at 83, and the world is better for it