Yesterday Twitchy covered the obnoxious tweets from Kate Harding, a so-called feminist who studies rape culture who didn’t want Franken to step down. These are the same women who consistently bitch about how men sit on the subway, but because Franken has a D by his name, his sexual misconduct CAUGHT ON FILM is apparently AOK.

Twitter exploded with disapproval for Harding’s statements, so she decided to write this peach of an article:

Interesting seeing a feminist defend a man who clearly groped a woman without her permission.

And we thought 2016 sucked.

Awww yes, because Leeann is lovely and sexy, Al just couldn’t help himself, right?

These people.

Let’s hear it for modern-day feminism!


That would be a far more accurate tagline for WaPo.

Mic drop.


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