If you are so ingrained in politics that you’d support someone even if they are found guilty of horrendous actions because they’re not a Democrat it may be time to pack it in. Moore has denied the allegations against him and at this time it is unknown whether or not he is guilty, HOWEVER, it is responses like this one that makes the whole situation look even more ghastly.

Horowitz says he thinks Moore is GUILTY but then goes on to explain that it’s ok because it happened a long time ago, that he can’t be removed from the ballot and that electing a Democrat is worse than electing someone who in his mind assaulted minors.

You have to wonder if he actually READ what he wrote or even thought about the consequences of this tweet.

Horowitz has a HUGE and ugly ‘but’ in this tweet. Yup.

Exactly. BUT that’s not what Horowitz said:

Gross is an understatement.

No common sense allowed around here, missy.

Or better yet, never have tweeted this crap in the first place.


OH ok, NOW sexual assault is funny: SNL ‘jokes’ about Moore (still waiting for the Weinstein skit)

Is Laura Ingraham trying to defend Roy Moore by using Jerry Seinfeld as an example?