Charlie Sheen’s Twitter feed has been oddly quiet since the news broke that he allegedly raped Corey Haim during the filming of Lucas. These accusations came from Corey Feldman who has become somewhat of an outspoken warrior for young people who have been abused in Hollywood.

At this time, Sheen has denied the allegations and Haim’s own mother has as well … however, we can’t help but wonder if Sheen realized the foreshadowing in his own tweet.

Has he been wearing a mask?

The responses to this tweet are likely NOT what Sheen was looking for:

Haim’s adult life seemed to be a sad trainwreck, we had a brief glimpse during the show, ‘The Two Coreys’. If the accusations are true, while they are absolutely horrific, they may also explain much of what the troubled young actor was going through.

Not at all.

Time will tell which is the real mask.


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