Tweets, in general, are very interesting to look through when it comes to Hollywood skeeze like Joss Whedon, but it’s their fav’s that can really get your attention. Perhaps Whedon finally learned his lesson and figured out he shouldn’t comment on things around sexual abuse and harassment, however, it seems he still takes time to fav certain things …

Like this:

Whedon probably knew he’d get lit up for a retweet but he certainly saw something in the tweet he thought enough of to fav (grabbed a screenshot just in case …)

Reading the rest of his timeline is sorta boring, except for this one other tweet he fav’d:

Alrighty then. Grabbed a screenshot of this one, too.

Could it be an inside joke we’re not aware of? Sure. Could it have been an accidental fav? Absolutely.

Does it look sorta skeezy?

No doubt.


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