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From BuzzFeedNews:

When Ben Ryan, a 27-year-old writer for a little-known magazine, was contacted by Jann Wenner, one of the most powerful figures in magazine publishing, the young man leaped at the chance to come in and pitch some freelance stories.

It felt like his big break — “the beginning of the end of waiting for something to happen professionally,” he remembers telling his father.

“I felt like this was the beginning of me making it,” Ryan said. “That’s how naïve I was at the time.”

That was 2005. Ryan, now 39, says he’s not naïve anymore: The invitation that started with such high expectations ended, he told BuzzFeed News, with an offer of career advancement in exchange for sex.

Sitting in Wenner’s corner office, Ryan did his best “to seem incredibly knowledgeable and professional,” while Wenner leaned back with his feet on the table. Ryan left with an assignment for Men’s Journal.

Awful. And to women who say this doesn’t happen to men or that men aren’t included, read up.

It just gets worse and worse.

Who’s next?

At this point, it seems absolutely neverending.

What a soulless industry.


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