Earlier today we reported that Michael Ian Black thought only certain privileged and important people should be verified on Twitter …

As you can imagine, this didn’t go over very well. Black accused Twitter of endorsing people they verify, claiming that they were somehow more important than lowly Tweeps who haven’t been verified.

Luckily Twitter itself found the time and energy to seemingly subtweet Michael Ian Black and his assumption that Twitter is verifying people based on the opinions they value.

Man, we hope this was a subtweet.


Ok, Twitter subtweeting Michael Ian Black may be the funniest damn thing on the social media site today. And we’re sure they’d say they weren’t subtweeting him but c’mon … that’s awfully convenient timing.


Only one of Twitchy’s editors has been approved for verification … hard not to question why Twitter verifies who they do.

Which makes Michael Ian Black’s whining about the verification process seem even DUMBER.

And we didn’t think that was possible.


What could go wrong? Michael Ian Black gives @Jack an ultimatum over verification of white nationalist