Harvey Weinstein is just a garbage person.

Forget that he terrorized women (and houseplants!) for decades, but the news that he worked to smear and silence his accusers is an equally horrible bombshell.

Oh look, a bad man tried to smear people who could tell the world he is a bad man. Why does this sound familiar?

Oh yeah.

The Obama administration made an artform of smearing and silencing their opponents; Hell Ben himself bragged about it.

But it was for a greater good or something.

Pretty sure the weaponization of a government agency is even worse, Ben.

It’s different when they do it? Nope? We got nothin’.

Sums it up, yup.


Sensing a theme here.

Spin spin spin.

Maybe Ben should avoid commenting on smearing enemies in order to silence them because this didn’t go so hot for him, or Obama.


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