Ok ok ok, so we reported on Ted Lieu getting his arse handed to him by Nick Short (@PoliticalShort) a little while ago, but this was TOO GOOD not to share. Watching Ben Shapiro dismantle Ted Lieu and ultimately leaving him speechless (tweetless?) may be our favorite thing on Twitter today.

Does he realize he disrespected every innocent to make some political statement about their deaths?

We’re not sure Ted understands what a moment of silence represents.

Yes, disrespecting the dead during a moment of silence will totally stop gun violence.



Guess 22,000 laws regulating gun safety aren’t enough for ol’ Ted. Of course he still thinks Nixon was impeached so we’re not surprised he doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.

Editor’s note: Yes, we keep hitting him about Nixon, it’s just too funny.

Ooh, good question.

Only if it’s done with a gun? Wait. So he only cares this passionately about gun deaths? Gosh, that sounds like a narrative if we ever heard one.

Yup. Victims he can use for his agenda are the only ones who count.

Gun safety. HA HA HA HA.

Whatever dude.

And crickets.


That’s what Democrats do.


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