Gotta take a moment to thank The New York Times for giving us ENDLESS amounts of stupid to cover. Seriously, mucho gracias for the job security, crazy people at the NYT.

Case in point:

Do they know where that came from?!

From The New York Times:

There’s no bottom to the delusion on display. At this point, investigators could release videotapes of Vladimir Putin personally handing Mr. Trump a uranium-lined briefcase filled with stolen emails, and the right-wing armada would find a way to blame Mrs. Clinton. (This would be followed, of course, by a congressional investigation to identify who leaked the tapes.)

See, we saved you a click PLUS you don’t have to read the full stupid.

You’re welcome.

And they keep insisting it’s the Right and Trump behaving like Nazis? Alrighty then, NYT.

That might actually be their new tagline.

Ha! Fair point.

Because they’re usually the epitome of integrity in their reporting and story-writing.



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