Man, Cecile Richards sure hates families, or at least she gives the impression she does. The amount of vitriol she spews about babies actually making it out of the womb ALIVE is impressive, and not in a good way.


SAY IT AIN’T SO?! Sex is how babies are made and if you have sex you might get pregnant? *GASP*

And you know the worst part of this tweet? Besides the fact that she clearly thinks being a parent is a bad thing … the worst (or best) part of this tweet is that she left the door open for Ben Shapiro to absolutely annihilate her with her own words:

After Ben nuked her it really got bad:

Abortion truly has become a lazy person’s birth control.

To Cecile the idea of a baby being born likely is obscene.


Oooooh, good point.

It is science, which is why the Left refuses to accept it as truth.

‘Nuff said.


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