James Woods only needed two words to slam Twitter’s Jack for reportedly retweeting content from a Russia-backed account. And we’re willing to bet it wasn’t content that supported Donald Trump in ANY way.

From the Washington Examiner:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appears to have retweeted tweets from an account with links to a Russian “troll farm.”

A now-deleted account with the username @Crystal1Johnson was flagged by the independent Russian news agency RBC as a Russian-backed account. Dorsey retweeted the account twice, prior to it being suspended, the Daily Beast reported, confirming part of RBC’s report.

 “Rihanna collects her Humanitarian of the Year award from Harvard. She kicked off #WomensHistoryMonth with a bang!” reads the tweet Dorsey first retweeted in March.

He also retweeted the account one week later.

“Nobody is born a racist. This picture is so sweet! Teach your children to judge others by the kind of person they are inside,” the tweet read to accompany a photo.

The account, which appeared to be managed by a black woman from Richmond, Va., occasionally tweeted inflammatory content about Hillary Clinton.

“Clinton’s True Face… KKK leader claims he gave $20K to Hillary Clinton campaign,” read one tweet from May 2016.


We HOPE not but Twitter treats Conservatives a little … differently when it comes to TOS.

We’re completely shocked, can you tell?

Because progressives run it and at this rate, they’ll run it into the ground.


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