If this was a passive aggressive way for Michael Ian Black to defend Democrats for taking money from ‘liberal kingmaker’ and all-around perv Harvey Weinstein it was an EPIC fail.

Oh we dunno. Could be that your party supposedly champions women and empowers their voices and politicians promising these things taking money from a known serial sexual abuser is not a good look, even for Democrats?

Just spitballin’.

Politicians aren’t charities, Michael. Maybe this explains what’s wrong with Hollywood, they think donating to politicians is like donating to charity.

Oh boy.

Won’t someone please just think of the houseplants?!

Both parties, sure.

And presumably? You mean like fighting for legislation that makes abortion unlimitless? That sort of good use?

Because he’s trolling?

*eye roll*


She gets it.

Michael doesn’t get it, but we all knew that already.


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