And you thought NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem was extreme.

Oh dear.

Whatever could have happened?

From The Daily News:

The Dolphins offensive line coach announced on Monday that he is resigning after a video surfaced Sunday evening showing him snorting a white powdery substance.


From BarstoolSports:

… Turns out this was a stripper, and it was all for Colin Kaepernick! For the Culture! Social injustices all around the NFL and this stripper right here is gonna fight that by putting this poor son of a bitch on blast. Some people take a knee during the anthem to raise awareness, some people post videos of dudes professing their love while doing a whole bunch of cocaine. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, folks!

Because nothing says social justice like a stripper recording a coach snorting some sort of white substance.

SJWs are weird.

Nothing like a woke stripper fighting for social justice – and you thought 2016 was weird.

That’ll teach the NFL not to hire a less-than-average QB who likes to pretend he’s oppressed.

A real sweetie.

She did it for KAEP, you oppressor you!


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