What happened to bake the cake? Civil rights for these folks?

Or does that not count in this situation?

From theliberator.news:

A homosexual coffee shop owner refused service to a group of peaceful Christian abolitionists Sunday and evicted them from his shop.

The abolitionists had been actively engaging people in the city for several days, sharing the gospel, holding signs exposing the abortion holocaust, and handing out literature to people of the streets. According to abolitionist Caytie Davis, the group entered Bedlam Coffee to rest and have a drink but did not engage anyone there.

“We had nothing on us, we weren’t distributing anything,” Davis said. “We bought coffee and went upstairs.” Within minutes of their arrival, the barista ran up the stairs and into the back room to alert the owner of their presence.

A moment later, the owner burst in, shouting, “You have to leave.”

see the video

So much tolerance for Christians, eh?


Fine, turn the Christians away, but allow them to make the same mistake. Of course the Left will champion this coffee shop owner as some sort of civil rights hero but ultimately all they’re really doing is proving their own hypocrisy.

Psh, you evil oppressors and your free market.



Of course he was being a jerk, he wanted to make an example of the evil Christians.

The stupid, it burns.


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