Another day, another meltdown on the Left because Trump tweeted something they didn’t like. And you know, he has been tweeting some epically stupid things but leave it to the Left to get even stupider. It’s like a giant cycle of stupid at this point.

When Lefties have a cow every time the man tweets he’s just going to keep doing it and tweeting dumber and dumber things – he’s trolling them. BUT they can’t seem to get that through their thick heads and started the hashtag #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words … damn, that’s one long hashtag.

You can just imagine how this went for them:

Sure, some people are getting tired of Trump tweeting, but more people are tired of the Left.



C’mon, isn’t that in the Constitution right next to free college and healthcare?



It’s like they can’t figure out if Trump is impeached they get Pence.

The stupid, it burns.

Man, we hope this person is joking.

More than seven words but still accurate.

Seriously, when will they learn Conservatives in general are just better at hashtag games?


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