David Axelrod seems concerned that the US isn’t doing enough for Puerto Rico; notice he makes a passive aggressive dig at President Trump.

Of course we’re pretty sure David didn’t understand he was setting up the media for the ultimate embarrassment.

We get it. He was trying to shame Trump for making comments about the NFL, but all he really did was remind us that the media is once again obsessed with Trump and ignoring other stories.

Sorta like they did during the primary and election of 2o16.

And we know how that worked out for them.

Astonishing indeed.

Now now, this was about Trump not doing enough to fix Puerto Rico. We’re positive David didn’t mean to remind us that Obama and Hillary’s foundations aren’t exactly jumping over themselves to help.

Sorry, they were too busy being outraged over the idea of Tim Tebow kneeling to pray. Oh wait, that was a different protest, our bad.


Oh, and just FYI David:

Sounds like the president is already working on it.

So stifle.


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