With Betsy DeVos working quickly to ensure due process is made available even on college campuses by rescinding Obama’s overreaching and ridiculous guidelines that made every man a criminal, Sally Kohn took it upon herself to tweet this personal and creepy dig at Trump.

In case you missed it:

So is Sally accusing Trump of sexual assault? Because yikes, that’s what it read like.

We missing something?

Those guidelines made people guilty until proven innocent and ruined the lives of many Americans who should have been protected under the Constitution.

Obama should have known better – we feel like we write that a lot.

Due process is sexist!

Wait, what?



It’s not a reach for Sally, this is typical for Sally.


She wasn’t concerned about it making sense, she just wanted to take a cheap dig at Trump.

And sorry but perhaps she needs to pay attention to her own side?

Hello Bill Clinton.

Hello Ted Kennedy.

Hello John Edwards.

*eye roll*

So was Sally’s tweet.


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