We can’t decide which is scarier: that Paul Krugman might believe the crap he writes OR that other people might believe the crap he writes.

Think we can all agree that what he writes is crap though.

For example:

Serio bro? Just because Krugman agrees with Kimmel’s take on government health care doesn’t mean Kimmel knows what the Hell he’s talking about. In fact it’s likely quite the opposite.

Doesn’t take much to know more than a Liberal Media hack, just saying.

Well clearly this sort of statement is racist or sexist or something.

Of course the rich loves Obamacare, they can pretend they care about the poor and the little people while not having to do much of anything. You should read the thread, these poor slobs think Kimmel actually knows what he’s talking about and that he cares about them.

It’s sadly pathetic.

Psh, neither Krugman nor Kimmel can be bothered with normal, everyday Americans and their struggles.

Of course he hasn’t, but Krugman likes what Kimmel is saying and he doesn’t like what the Republican senators are saying so he’ll pretend Kimmel is some wise scholar.

Meanwhile, Americans with brains in our heads know the joke’s on us.


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