On Saturday as Hurricane Irma slammed into Cuba, people all around the world were watching and praying for those living in the Communist nation, even those with family stationed there:

Not an unreasonable request, asking for prayers for family members stationed in Cuba. Apparently though Kat Bee took issue with ‘white people’ being concerned:


First and foremost, hurricanes don’t give a damn about your resources and supplies, if you take a direct hit it is incredibly dangerous. Second, people of all colors serve in our military, the gal’s brother-in-law isn’t necessarily white.

And third, shut up Kat.

Full transparency, we have no idea who Kat is but apparently Twitter saw fit to verify her.

Shhh … she’s on a roll.

Or at least extraordinarily uninformed.

Maybe she should be angry at Cuba? Communism? Just spitballin’ here.

Wait, you want her to actually do something and not just sit on Twitter tweeting silly things?


You can see this didn’t exactly go all that well for Kat.

Because attacking a woman asking for prayers for her brother-in-law ISN’T butthurt, you ding dong. *eye roll*

Ironically she was later concerned about her 84-year-old tia in Tampa … after she mocked Americans for being concerned about relatives in Cuba.

Don’t ever change, Twitter.

Oh, good news BTW:

The power of prayer.


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