Awww, poor journos, mean ol’ Trump is giving them hurt feelers:


Those poor journos, they’ve only earned each and EVERY bit of mockery, disdain and disapproval from this administration and most Americans … what, did they think they could spend eight years talking down to people and they wouldn’t notice?

From The New York Times:

Sigh. If only President Trump denounced neo-Nazis as passionately and sincerely as he castigates journalists.

What could be an easier task than distancing oneself from Nazis or violent white supremacists? Yet Trump manages to make it infinitely complicated — and then get distracted by self-pity and excoriate reporters for committing journalism. The key strain of his sulfurous speech in Phoenix on Tuesday was an extended attack on “dishonest” reporters (including at “the failing New York Times”).

Sigh is right.

How did they expect people to react to this garbage?

They’re ACTUALLY heroes, ask them, they’ll tell you.

Hey, they are. Journos told us so.

What he said.

Here’s the actual writer … sigh.

Don’t think so but we SURE laughed at it.


Suck it up, folks.


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