When even your Deputy Weather Editor finds something about Trump to bitch about on Twitter you MIGHT have issues, Washington Post.

Seems Angela is angry with Trump for retweeting the Obama eclipse meme earlier this morning:

While the WaPo Deputy Weather Editor is busy tweeting about Trump’s retweets, Texas is preparing for a deadly hurricane.


And c’mon, IT WAS A JOKE … on his personal account.

Goodness forbid the president make jokes this way; if this had been Obama she would have been praising him for lifting American’s spirits as they worry and fret over this massive hurricane.

Yup. And if he doesn’t stop the hurricane he clearly FAILED.

Al Gore gets NO respect.


Something like that.

And even then she’d find a way to say he didn’t do it right, nothing makes these people happy.


The TRIGGERING! Trump re-tweets ‘The Best Eclipse Ever’ meme, Lefties lose their damn minds