So this morning, Donald Trump had a few spelling (grammatical) errors in a couple of his tweets and as usual, the media had a troll-gasm over the tweets. Between that and the eclipse retweet, it’s all we’ve heard about this morning.

Even Rosie O’Donnell took a swing at the president:

Rosie, if you can’t spell the curse word maybe don’t use it?

We looked the term ‘sh*theel’ up, and it’s actually one word and spelled with HEEL and not HEAL. Really, think about it – the word heal after sh*t makes ZERO sense … but tell us more about how Trump is stupid.

Another error from a genius questioning Trump’s IQ …

Huh. We bet Trump can spell common curse words though, Rosie.

Well …

And we’re not even sure this was English.

Seems Rosie is letting her hate for Trump consume her:

Looking a little rough.


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