CNN hates Trump so much they’ve built a whole conspiracy theory around his mental health. Think about that for a minute, he’s driven them SO CRAZY they think HE’S crazy …

Project much, CNN?

It is rather embarrassing and reeks of desperation to pretend the president is a loon. But again this is CNN we’re talking about and they’re not exactly known for integrity and objectivity.

Brian seems a little defensive, no?

No, he just called his mental health into question and then waited for his viewers and followers to make the ‘diagnosis.’

See what we mean? Give people JUST enough conspiracy and they’ll connect the dots themselves.

Those other faceless journos and folks.

Don’cha love it when the media uses anonymous sources?

Well that would have been unfair and sexist and stuff.

Shame on you for even asking! *eye roll*


REALLY? Joe Scarborough’s picks for 3 biggest heroes of the ‘Trump Era’ are RI-DAMN-DICULOUS